Cottonwood Football Statisticians

I have to blog about my husband's second "job." Tim & my brother, Clint, do stats for Cottonwod High School's football team. Although I went to CHS (and my husband did not) he would definitely be considered a Cottonwood Colt more than I would. He does stats for the basketball team and the football team. He tries to act like it's a "job," but really it's a hobby. He LOVES it! I try to go to a couple games and support the Colts (and the stats guys). We went to the playoff game this past Saturday and I got some pictures of Tim & Clint in action. They look so important down there on the field. They've made some great friends, the booster club president, the writer for the SL Tribune, and a few other groupies that love to talk about stats. Go Colts!!

My Mom (she teaches at CHS & is the biggest fan), my sister Erika & Payton

Tim & Clint are the two guys on the right side of the picture

Check out all the action on the field

The statisticians & their fans!


KRiB said...

Colts and Cougars all the way!

Patty said...

Look at those COOL guys (the STAT boys) out on that awesome CHS field!

Patty said...
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