Special Delivery

Yesterday, we got the mail and there was a special package inside that the boys had been waiting for. Andi sent us Ashton's Yoda costume for Parker to wear for Halloween. The boys were tearing the package open like it was Christmas. After we got it open, of course, Parker had to try it on. So, Payton tried on his Boba Fett Halloween costume and they both wore their costumes all night. Thank you, Andi! Also, thank Ashton for letting us borrow his costume.


Andi Wright said...

I am so glad that your package arrived. Enjoy the costume!! He looks cute in it. I also love Payton's costume. Ashton is going to be a knight. I hope anyway!! He decided about a month ago so we bought the stuff. The other day he didn't want the costume any more. But when someone asks him what he is going to be for halloween he says a knight!! We will see!!

Reeses Pieces said...

How funny! Carson has gone as both of these characters. He's kind of a Star Wars freak. Way cute.