Candy Making

One of my favorite Christmas memories is my Grandma's homemade candy. Every year my Grandma starts early in December making Christmas candy. She loves it and is so talented! A few years ago, my sisters, Mom & I decided that we wanted to make candy with my Grandma. We wanted to learn her candy making secrets. This year, because our schedules are so crazy we didn't do it all together, but I took the boys over to my grandparent's house and spent the afternoon making candy with my Grandma. I am so grateful for this Christmas tradition that we have started...it is delicious!!

Payton laid on the couch and watched cartoons

My Grandpa took a nap in the chair

Parker played with all of my Grandma's Christmas trinkets

My Grandma & I made the magic happen...peanut brittle!!

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Patty said...

I am grateful for my mother's talent, also. AND I'm so-o-o grateful that you are keeping up the tradition!