Snow Fun

My boys have had so much fun the past two weekends playing in the snow. Luckily (for me), Tim loves the snow as much as the little boys so he has a good time playing outside with them. Tim also loves shoveling the snow. He gets mad when our neighbors are so generous to clear our sidewalks or driveway with their snow blowers because he wants to do it himself. Our neighbor even offered him his snow blower this past weekend and he turned it down. Crazy!?!

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Andi Wright said...

I do miss the snow, but at the same time, it is nice not to have to get up early to wipe the car off or shovel to make it out to the car. Ashton misses the snow! He was so excited last week when it rained. I don't think that Bullhead has seen that much rain. It rained all weekend.