Jones Family Christmas Party

We had our annual Jones Family Christmas Party at Kenny & Janice's new home in Avon, Utah. It's just outside of Logan. They live on the side of a mountain all by themselves (and the coyotes). Their home is gorgeous! The party was an all day event. The kids went sledding down the mountain just outside their front door. A few of the daredevils climbed the huge mountain on the side of their house and sledded down. Luckily, there were no injuries. The weather was perfect that day and it was a beautiful place for a Christmas party. After we snacked, sledded and socialized it was time for more food! They had caterers come and serve us all an amazing Prime Rib/Chicken dinner. It was delicious! After dinner, Santa came. The kids were so excited and a little nervous. He handed out presents to all of the kids and then he rode off down the hill in his minivan (only the big kids seemed to notice that Rudolph was out of commission.) After Santa, we exchanged our "Make & Takes." I got to come home with 10 darling presents from the other ladies who participated. We played some Bingo and then finally said our goodbyes. It was a long & fun day!

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Andi Wright said...

Next year you might just get 11 make-it and take-its!! ha ha!! Only if I am lucky! Jdub did say that we could start mailing out resumes! Thats good news for me!