My Goof Balls

This is a TYPICAL picture of what my boys look like...goof balls! Tim is the biggest goof ball and the boys love it so they usually have to join in. Tim is most notably known for lifting up his shirt and showing off his hairy chest. I need Clint to send me the picture of Tim doing that during our family Christmas photo shoot. Last night, we were watching the Utes Bowl Game and Tim got excited about one of the plays so he ripped his shirt off and started running around the family room. Of course, Payton followed his lead and then Parker wanted help getting his shirt off. (I wish I would have taken a picture, but I was lying on the couch trying not to go into labor.) The 3 goof balls ran around the house for 30 minutes with their shirts off, beating their chests and acting like maniacs. Oh Boys!! The funniest part is that Parker was scared of Tim's hairy chest. He got mad when Tim made him touch it. I think he probably thought that it was an animal waiting to attack!! I'm just glad that Tim has fun entertaining the boys and that they can all be goofy together!!

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Reeses Pieces said...

That picture of Tim is so funny. He's a goofball. I'll always remember Tim doing Chris Farley "Down by the River".:)