New Year's Eve...Surprise!

Tim's parents hosted our New Year's Eve party this year. When we showed up to the party there was such a fun surprise! Andi, Jdub, Ashton & Brice decided to drop in for a surprise visit on their way home from California. They could have either driven 1 1/2 hours to their home in AZ or 6 more hours to UT. We're glad they chose to come and visit. It was such a fun surprise. It took me a couple hours to get over it! The boys were SOOO excited to see Ashton and be able to play with him all night. Parker followed him around and copied everything that he did. I think that Payton was so excited to have Parker following someone else for a change that he just enjoyed some time to himself!

It was fun to be with all of Tim's family. Plus, as is tradition, Brett & Camille came over. The only person from my family that came was Krista. Thanks for representing, sis! We ate tons of food and played Rock Band ALL NIGHT LONG!

Payton loved the chocolate fountain. He said, "chocolate fountains are the greatest thing ever."

Parker & Ashton just liked making a mess. They would dip things in the chocolate, but then they didn't want to eat them.

Baby Brice sucking her thumb. She was so tired, but didn't want to give up!

Grandpa Kent & Baby Brice

Payton & Ashton wrestling without their shirts on. I think that Uncle Eric started this and then disappeared!

Check out this awesome Rock Band

Tim's Mom singing Nirvana...she's turned into quite the little rock star!

Brett & Tim (waiting patiently for their turn to jam)

Payton fell asleep just before midnight, but Parker held strong until 2:30 am!

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The Jones' said...

That picture of Kent and Baby Brice is to die for! What a fun night!!