Thank You, Eric!

Tim's brother, Eric, watched the boys for us this weekend while we went to a movie. He shared the following story in his weekly newsletter (which most of you have already probably read), but I had to add this to my blog as well for journaling purposes. Thanks for the fun story Eric, but mostly thanks for having fun with the boys while we enjoyed a movie!

Story By Eric Jones:

All of these events take place on the night of January 26, 2008. When asked to babysit my nephews I agreed knowing that it would be a nice break from my long day of homework, I didn't even get finished. Around 6:45 PM two young life forms named Payton and Parker were left in my care, not even Jenny was here. Their parents went to see a movie that night so they needed somebody that doesn't do anything. In I come. A homebody if you will. The night started out just as any other night with young kids, we brought the toys out to play as well. Having fun is easy when you are a kid but having a serious conversation is not so easy. So I posed a question to Payton, I asked him I asked, "Payton will you be voting in this up and coming election for our next President?" He did not respond with an assured yes, he simply said, "I don't think I vote." He continued, "I think that voting is for grown-ups." I had to agree with the young child so as not to confuse him. I then asked, "Do your parents vote?" To that he responded, "I don't think they do now." With an interesting tone he stated, "I think that they voted before we were born though." Then Parker stepped in with his two cents saying in his best English, "Yes mom vote she take me last time vote." I thought that was great that young children were taught of the importance to vote. Although I think that if kids were allowed to vote Dick Norse would win every year as a write in candidate. I was then ordered to build a lego house. Payton then said, "I am hungry." I told him that he was in luck because around the corner the McRib is waiting on us to eat him. I told him though that I didn't have the car seats. He told me that they could sit in the back seat all snug in their seatbelts and that would be fine. After he put some thought to it he felt it would be wise to call his mother. I told him that wasn't possible because she was in a movie. He said, "Well I guess I am not hungry then." I told him, "I can make some Mac cheese or something else." With a glad heart they both jumped for joy wanting some Mac cheese. Meanwhile I had put my Engineering skills to work and completed the lego house complete with a snake arm to protect against evil and a driveway to park the space ship, the bus and Parker's car. It was pretty awesome there are pictures of the job well done online. While they ate they wanted to watch a movie. Parker kept walking around saying, "Is mermermer on?" That's what I understood. After about 5 minutes of that I asked Payton what he was saying to which Payton replied, "He wants to know if the Little Mermaid is on." I told him, "No, that I had put on Condor Man because that was my favorite as a kid and all kids should watch it." He responded that it was too scary for hims. Turns out kids of the future don't like what kids of the past liked.


Napier Family said...

Brittany, I saw you link on Taylor's blog and came to check you out. I have to say this story is AWESOME!!! It made me laugh so hard. Thanks for sharing. I love what you did with your cute kids at the top! Take care, Susan

JamieBean said...

Hi! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago- so fun! I have been trying to figure out this whole blog thing myself (with a little coaxing from my husband). Anyway, I have loved reading about you and your cute little family. Your boys are adorable! And congrats on #3! I don't think I'd know what to do with boys. I have 2 girly girls. Anyway, have a great day! I'll come back and visit soon if that's okay. Congrats again!

Reeses Pieces said...

That's pretty cute. I love the way he related the story back.

natalie said...

Hey Britt- Sorry it has taken me some time to respond. I have been so sick and all I have wanted to do is lay down and look at the wall. Anyway, what a cute story about your kids. I am impressed that your boys decided it would be smarter not to get in the car. My kids wouldn't have even thought of that. I have decided through all of your projects and organizing ideas that you must have more than 24 hours in your day. Does Tim keep everything organized? My Matt would probably undo all that I organized. You look great! Natalie

D and K Gibson said...

That is funny. It is great to hear from others how our kids talk to them. I loved the conversation about voting

LindsSawyer said...

I cant beleive you left your children in Eric's care....YIKES!

What a good uncle huh? Pretty impressive lego construction!