Happy Birthday, Parker!

Today Parker turned 3-years-old! I really can't believe that my little baby has turned into such a big boy. It seems like in the past few months he has transformed into a little boy right before our eyes. It truly is amazing how fast these little ones grow up. Where does the time go? Parker's birthday was a fun day. We invited a few of his little friends to come over and celebrate with him.

Look at these cute little boys...

They had so much fun playing together!

Parker loved opening his presents and so did his friends.

Then we had cupcakes...you've got to love the frosting!!






Parker posing with his new dinosaur

Parker had such a fun time with his little friends. After Tim got home from work we gave Parker another present for his birthday. He got a "Parker" jersey.

No, we are not Spurs fans and we don't really like Tony Parker, but we bought this "Payton" jersey before Payton was born and have had it hanging in his room. Now that Payton & Parker share rooms we had to get a matching jersey for Parker.

Tim's parents were on a cruise so they missed Parker's party this weekend. They came over tonight and brought pizza to celebrate Parker's birthday. They also brought these crazy sunglasses!!

Clearly, Tim's parents are still suffering from jet-lag or post vacation stress syndrome. We couldn't get a great picture so we just had them take a goofy one!


The Jones' said...

YAY Parker!! Happy Birthday little man! (I LOVE the outfit by the way!;) What did you feed grandma and grandpa that night??? They are crazy!

Andi Wright said...

Happy Birthday Parker! You have strange Grandparents!! Especially that Grandma, she is crazy!!!
Ashton wants to say, "Grandma loves us".

Dartay said...

Oh my gosh, those little jerseys are the cutest/funniest things ever! You may have to scratch the "sawyer and preston" name to be able to go continue the jersey legacy....

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Cute photos! Jack came home so happy, so it must have been quite the party! Parker is such a cutie! My vote on names is for Preston...I don't think the whole "P" thing is a big deal...they all just happen to be such cute names that start with P!

Dani said...

Do you practice selective friendships? It looks like all of Parker's little friends could be abercrombie and Fitch models. Well...shorter versions. I think you might be prejudice against the average looking child. Maybe that is why we didn't get invited...it all is coming together and hurting a little.