Super Snowy Sunday

Sunday morning I got a call from our Bishop saying that church was cancelled...what?!? I thought that it was a joke and didn't believe him for some time. He convinced me that there was 3 feet of snow drifts in the church parking lot and it would be impossible to have it all cleared. He also said that cars were not able to make it through the neighborhoods. I still couldn't believe that they would cancel church over this snow UNTIL we went outside...wow...it was amazing!! I haven't seen this much snow in years. By the time we went out to shovel it had stopped snowing and it was really nice outside. We played out in the snow for over 2 hours. It was like one big neighborhood party. Everyone was out shoveling, 4-wheeling through the snow, sledding and snowmobiling down the streets. It was so much fun! (Of course, I didn't have to do any shoveling.) Tim made a tubing hill in our front yard for the boys the day before and it was 10x better after all the snow. The boys loved tubing down the hill. It was perfect for them!

This is what we saw when we opened our garage!

Parker Tubing

Check out our neighbor coming down the street on his snowmobile!

Payton, Parker, Caleb & Cade

Tim tubing

Payton tubing

Tim taking a break from shoveling drinking a vault

Parker & Cade

Parker resting in the snow

After we finally got ourselves shoveled out of our driveway we went to Clint & Becca's to watch the Super Bowl.

Here's Tim enjoying the game

Go Giants!

Here I am in my favorite outfit!!

Payton had fun doing this puzzle & playing video games

Clint, Becca & Parker...Parker is in love with Clint & Becca lately. I think that he wants to be part of their family!


Patty said...

What FUN in the SNOW - Love the pictures!

Reeses Pieces said...

Oh my gosh, holy snow! I wish my kids could enjoy snow fun like that, but instead we just get to sweat in the humidity. Oh happy times!

Andi Wright said...

Wow!!! I wish we were there to play in the snow! It has been raining here more than usual and I love it. I am so sick of the sun!! By the way I love the birthday cards...do you want to make Brice's?

Romans Family said...

I love your favorite outfit! I have favorite pants. Those pictures were great. Nice work with photoshop- I would pay you to make one.( Hey, maybe birth announcements and I am serious)

KRiB said...

I wish it would snow here. It's too hot and we have nothing like that.

Alyson said...

What up Brittany? So I think it was you who posted on my blog that you were due around the same time as me? Was it you?
If so, only 10 weeks to go!!!