Parker's Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Parker's birthday. Parker is a very easy child to please. He kept saying that the only thing he wanted was "cake" for his birthday, but we had a party anyway. Here is the invitation (my first very simple photoshop creation).

Payton & Parker

Parker & Makenna

Krista & Grandma

Erika & Brian

Payton giving Parker his present he bought him. I think that Payton was much more excited than Parker.

Parker was on a mission while he was opening presents. He just went from one present to the next like it was a task that he had to complete. He wasn't showing much interest in the presents. I think he was a little overwhelmed!!

The cupcakes that Parker picked out.

He loved everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him!

Blowing over the candle!

Dig into that frosting!

Camille the "ice cream scooper." Clint was so relieved that someone else was scooping the ice cream. Thanks Cam!

Samantha & Grandma

The highlight of the party..dart guns!!

Parker loved all of the fun presents that he got for his birthday. It took about a day for it to all sink in. The next day he played all day long with his new toys, books, puzzles and his new cowboy hat & boots. I walked into his room to see what he was doing on Sunday morning and this is how I found him. He had put his new hat & boots on all by himself and he was sitting on Payton's bed. What a silly boy!


Andi Wright said...

looks like a great birthday party. Ashton loved looking at all the pictures. Ashton says, "Happy Birthday to you and I like the cupcakes"!

KRiB said...