34 Weeks

I had another doctor's appointment today and it was good news. I am only dilated 1.5 cm, which is only a .5 difference from last time. I was so excited! I've never experienced this before with either one of my pregnancies so I'm in completely new territory. However, the bad news (which really isn't so bad) is that he said it shows that the bed rest is working. Dang! He said that I need to "take it easy" for the next 2 weeks. As soon as I get to 36 weeks he will let me resume normal activities. I feel like this is so easy compared to what I've had to do in the past. I can definitely do this! However, I don't know what I'll do if I have to go full term. How do you do 9 month pregnancies? I don't know!

Thanks again for all of the support. I have so many people willing to help and so many people who have helped me out over the past 2 weeks. I don't know what I would do without an amazing support system. It's so great just to receive simple e-mails or comments on my blog and phone calls. More than anything, the encouragement is all that I need. So, thank you all!


Amanda said...

Congratulations! I know what it feels like to enter unknown pregnancy territory (had Reagan at 33 weeks and didn't have Avery until 38.5 weeks!). I just don't understand how you're managing bed rest and two little boys! Way to go and keep it up!! Life will be easier with baby number 3 the longer he's in your belly. Looking forward to hearing how long you make it with this one ... Good luck!!!

Reeses Pieces said...

Yay, 34 weeks. Knowing you, this bed rest thing is killing you. Good thing there's some good TV watching right now. Hang in there!

Tonii said...

Hi Brittany! I came across your blog, hope you don't mind :) Congrats on 34 weeks!! That is so so exciting! How DO most women be pregnant for 9 months?! I think you are fabulous and I am so glad you have such a wonderful support system. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you, I have been so happy to get to know you better! Congrats again!