Birthday Weekend


On Thursday, I turned 30-years-old. I know it sounds sad, but it actually wasn't at all. I feel like my life gets better every single year so I have nothing to complain about. Bring on the thirties!

My Mom & sister came over and brought lunch, balloons and cupcakes. They played with the boys while I got some things done (that was the best present). I had so much fun on my birthday receiving so many nice phone calls, cards and gifts. Thank you everyone for being so thoughtful! We topped off the night by getting some yummy Cafe Rio for dinner. It was great.

However, the next day was the best part of my celebration.


Tim & I took a day trip to Las Vegas. On Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. Tim's parents came out to our house to watch the boys and we headed to Vegas for the day. Our flight left at 8:45 a.m. We got to Vegas at 9:00 a.m. (we gained an hour). We took a shuttle to Planet Hollywood and had breakfast at the Planet Dailies Restaurant.

This was the first of many "work" related phone calls Tim took throughout the day. Luckily, I didn't mind, it kept him busy while I was shopping!

After breakfast we began our shopping trip. We shopped at the Miracle Mile Shops. Our first stop was H&M. I was a little disappointed with their selection, but still walked away with a bag full of things. Next stop, Sephora! The mecca of makeup. I was in heaven. Then we hit Urban Outfitters. (Since we still haven't been to the one here in Salt Lake.) We shopped many other stores in between, but these were the ones worth mentioning. Then we hit the strip to sight see and head to another shopping destination.

As you can tell from this picture, Tim clearly needed some new sunglasses. It's a good thing we bought him some.

Tim was impressed with this building that was being constructed and wanted his picture taken with it. Weird!

After some more shopping at Caesar's Palace we caught a shuttle and headed back to the airport. It was a busy traveling day and we were worried about getting through security. However, it ended up being a breeze, especially with no luggage. They had a Ruby's diner in our terminal so we ate dinner there.

This is Tim & I posing with our new sunglasses on.

Our flight left at 5:45 p.m. and we were back home by 9:00 p.m. It was such a fun day! I would love to travel this way more often. We were so tired by the end of the day. It was nice to come home and be with our kids. Thank you Ann & Kent for watching the boys. It was a nice break and the best birthday present ever!


I went with some of my friends to Dear Lizzie for a little birthday lunch. This little boutique & cafe were darling! I had a fun time with my friends. Thank you girls, it was a wonderful afternoon!

Dani & Michelle

Camille, Me & Cooper

After lunch, Tim & I took the boys to see Speed Racer. The boys really liked the movie and Cooper did great. It was a fun Saturday afternoon activity.

After the movie, we headed up to my parent's house for another birthday celebration. My brother & I share a birthday so we always get to celebrate together. No, we are not twins, we are exactly 3-years apart. This is my crazy brother. I think he was a little excited about his birthday party!

Tim was taking the pictures so he made sure he got the perfect shot of me. Thanks, babe!

Payton wanted to be in the picture with us. This is Clint doing his "David Archuleta Smile."

Clint showing off Tim's awesome wrapping job.

Me showing off my new PB condiment set. So fun!

Payton & Cooper. Payton still LOVES to hold his little brother.

Payton took this picture of Cooper.

Parker being his wild & crazy self!


Dartay said...

Happy 30th, that's great! I am so jealous and impressed that you flew to Vegas for the day, that's the way to go you little "jet setter!"

Utley Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY! My 30th Birthday (and 30th year) was one of my favorites! That is so great that you could fly to Vegas for the day...I love Vegas! By the way, I share my birthday with one of my brothers too!

Romans Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday! What a fun day and you look great!!!

Lors said...

Britt, you totally look like a movie star in those new sun glasses. I want to take your picture to the solon and say, make me look like that. You look awesome! Sounds like a fun birthday. We are only a few days apart. I used to love my May birthday, but now that I am a mom, it seems a little too close to mothers day. Oh well, it is nice having it so close to Memorial Day weekend. Always parties going on to celebrate. Anyways, welcome to the 30's club

Tonii said...

Happy Birthday!! You look so gorgeous, I LOVE your hair! What a great idea, Vegas for a day. Looks like a blast!

lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Brittany!!! I love you!

Dani said...

It was fun to see you and be a part of your birthday. Sounds to me like you have a neighborhood full of admirers. Glad to know people made your day special. You deserve it. Go eat a Jr. Mint.


Jay and Bec said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Way to celebrate in style! I might have to steal that idea some time!! It sounds like you had the perfect day!!

Petra said...

Happy birthday! It sounds like your trip was great! Shopping is the best..but I think being with your hubby for a whole day without kids is nice too.

Bri and J-Rod said...

Happy Birthday Brittany! You look AMAZING at 30! (seeing pictures of your hair makes me miss mine!!) All I have to say is that I am in AWE of all that you accomplish as a mother of three, while still looking as radiant as ever!! I can only hope for the same thing at 30 :)

LindsSawyer said...

Sounds like fun! You missed the REAL H&M down there the one in the Miracle mile shops is the small casual one...The REAL one full size is in the new outdoor mall on the strip called Towne Square mall its south of Mandalay Bay on the strip....We are headed down tomorrow so I will also be shopping my lil heart out! Happy 30th!

Gie Bergmill said...

Happy birthday, Britt! Glad you had happy celebrations!

Us said...

Spoiled! Happy Birthday! That sounds so fun! I think I will ask for that next year.:) I am glad you had fun. Emilee

Alison said...

Really late but Happy Birthday!

Reeses Pieces said...

Yay,you've joined the 30's club-it's great. Looks like you had a wonderful Vegas getaway. I miss Vegas tons. What I wouldn't give for a game of Blackjack right now:) Happy 30th! You look great, as always.

Jenbug said...

Tell CLint I laughed out loud at his David Archuleta smile.

natalie said...

Did you really just have a baby? I am envious of how great you look. I love the pink shirt. Did you get it on your shopping adventure? I too, miss Las Vegas. I think Tim did a great job and I'll have to have my husband read your blog to give him some sort of a hint.