Father & Sons Campout

This weekend our Stake had a Father & Sons Campout at the park. I think it's a great way to camp with little kids! Payton & Parker were so excited. Tim was also excited, but a little reluctant to miss the Jazz Game. Fortunately, somebody brought a tv and they were able to watch the game. Unfortunately, the Jazz lost!

They had a great night at the park. They played games and had a fireside. The boys had so much fun playing with all their friends at the park. They slept really well and came home the next morning so excited. I'm so grateful that my boys have these opportunities to bond with their Dad. Thanks Tim, for taking them!

Also, I had a wonderful night home alone with Cooper. Most people would do something fun...rent a movie, go shopping, hang out with girlfriends. These were all things that I considered doing, but instead I decided to CLEAN!! I know, I know, I'm so pathetic, but I really wanted to clean and reorganize some things in our basement. So, that's what I did. It was such a wonderful night. I loved it!


Lors said...

Oh, all that grass looks so nice. When Matt and Cody came home from our fathers and sons they bring nothing but dust home with them. But I guess that is to be expected since we live in arizona.

Andi said...

So, I was reading the comment above and I agree, all that grass does look nice and we get to enjoy it in just a few days...arizona really is just a bunch of dirt and my eyes got their feel today walking in a parking lot full of dirt!! Maybe it is just the pictures, but your boys are looking different. I wish that we got to see them more often...see you soon!

Reeses Pieces said...

How funny, I think it was National Father and Son's campout week. Everyone I've talked to has had their hubbies and sons gone camping too. I wish I could have gone with Dave and Carson. I love camping. Sounds like your boys had fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the park idea...that is a great way to do it.