Happy Birthday, Payton

Today my sweet little Payton turned six years old. Payton is such an amazing son and I'm so lucky that he is my oldest child. He is definitely a great example to his younger brothers. He was so excited for his birthday and had such a fun day!

Payton opened presents before he went to school and Daddy went to work. He got some Indiana Jones Legos, a Razor Scooter and a Ben 10 Helmet to go with it. He was very excited about his presents! He also chose to have pancakes for his birthday breakfast.

I got to volunteer at his school today, which is always a treat for Payton. He loves it when I get to help in his class. We passed out treats to his class and they sang to him. He LOVED the attention, which is normally unusual for him. I swear he was a different child today. He was in birthday heaven!

After school he had some of his friends come over and play. My Grandma made these cute little cupcakes so we put a candle in them and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. We did this three times yesterday. He LOVED it!

We took Payton to Applebee's for his birthday dinner and then he had soccer practice. After soccer practice, Grandma Patty & Grandpa Ock came over and brought Payton a present. More Indiana Jones Legos. Again...he LOVED it!

Payton had such a fun day today. At the end of the day Payton said, "This was like my best birthday ever!"


The Napier's said...

Happy Birthday Payton!! I love watching my kids on their birthdays, it is so fun to see their excitement in even the littlest things. Sounds like a special day for a special little boy!!

Reeses Pieces said...

Can you believe how old are kids are getting? I guess we are all entering our 30's though. Carson was totally on a lego kick and now he doesn't even touch them. That's how it goes~looks like he had a great bday.

Andi said...

Looks like you had a fun day Payton!! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Ashton loved talking to you on your birthday. We will see you soon!