pumpkin festival

We went with the Siebenberg's to the Herriman Pumpkin Festival. We weren't sure about going to a city event (especially after the fiasco with the Easter Egg Hunt this year). You never know how well spent your time is going to be, but Herriman City did not disappoint. In fact, I thought, it was amazing! Herriman City, I forgive you for the Easter Egg Hunt. You have totally redeemed yourselves. They gave away so many awesome free things to the kids. We got hot chocolate, cookies, cotton candy and lots more junk. The kids loved all the activities. It was wonderful!

Makenna, Payton, Samantha & Parker

Batgirl & Batman

Parker does not like to wear his ghost costume, but he insists on being a ghost.

Camille & Samantha

The boys insisted that we wait in line to have their pictures drawn by an artist. We waited almost an hour for these pictures.  Payton colored this as soon as he got home before I had time to scan it.  They are pretty funny!


The Gibbys said...

Cute, I lover their costumes

Jay and Bec said...

If it was that awesome, then I am bummed that we missed it! Next year, I guess. I also have to comment on your home renovations! I am SO impressed! You continue to inspire me to keep focused on my house Great job!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I never saw your drawings that night. As usual, we had such a great time. So much fun!

Jenbug said...

I can't believe that they made Parker look like a girl in the sketch! Where was Cooper's costume?