red ribbon week

I am on the PTA board this year and my biggest responsibility in my position is Red Ribbon Week. This past week was Red Ribbon Week (For all of you who are not familiar with the elementary school lingo, it is basically a week long celebration of being "Drug Free"). When I committed to doing Red Ribbon Week last year I had NO IDEA what a big deal this week was. I was lucky to have so much help from a wonderful committee. Thanks to everyone's help it was such a fun week! With that said, I'm so glad it's over. I've spent months planning and worrying about it and it's nice to see the hard work actually pay off. This week was the pay off.

We started the week before Red Ribbon Week with a kick-off assembly. We had Myrna Camarena come and speak to the students. Red Ribbon Week was started in remembrance of her brother, "Kiki" who was killed by drug trafficers in Mexico. Myrna was flown in from California by the Utah DEA just to do this assembly for our school. We were so lucky to have her come. The Utah DEA agent also came and spoke to the children. I don't have pictures of either one of them, but we did get a picture of the Sheriff K-9 officer and his dog. They brought this dog in and showed how he found drugs. The kids loved it! We also had district representatives and the Utah PTA president at the assembly. The assembly was a huge success.

Every day Red Ribbon Week was packed with fun events. We handed out red bracelets to the students on Monday. These red bracelets got them a prize throughout the week if they were wearing them (okay, even if they weren't wearing them.) Also, students could take their bracelets to 9 local businesses and get a treat. It was awesome! Each day we had a different theme, Wednesday was, "Rock Out, Do Without." Kids dressed up in rock, dance or 50's style clothes. After they ate lunch, we had a dance party. They got to play DDR and get a treat. The kids loved it.

This is Payton's class eating lunch

Here are the students playing DDR

Check out this sweet outfit.  This little boy is in our ward.  He is so sweet.

More DDR fun!

Another one of our fun events was the "People in Your Neighborhood."  The kids got to meet (people in their neighborhood) and see what these people did INSTEAD OF drugs.  The Herriman Firefighters came to the school and did an awesome demonstration.  The kids got to walk through the fire truck and the ambulance.  They dressed up in their gear and showed them all their firefighter tools.  The firefighters did a great job and the kids loved it.


Jensens said...

Sounds awesome! As a fellow PTA Parent, I totally appreciate all of your hard work. Sounds like it was a total success, congrats! We are in the middle of our Red Ribbon Week this week.

Reeses Pieces said...

I'm sure you put so much work into this. It's kind of like planning girls camp though, you put so much work into it and then it's just over. It usually pays off though.

Jay and Bec said...

Great job Brittany! It looks like it was a great success!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You did an amazing job...I love all the themes and fun activities. Knowing you, it was probably the best red ribbon week they have ever had.

Michelle said...

You are so busy! Busy is good. Good job, I am sure it was all appreciated and well worth the effort. Hope your doing well!!