student of the month

Payton was chosen by his teacher to be the student of the month in November. We are so proud of Payton. He is such a good student and is doing so well in school this year. We had parent/teacher/student conferences last month and Payton's teacher only had wonderful things to say about him. He is exceeding all of the first grade expectations. We are glad that he enjoys school and loves learning!

Because Payton was student of the month, I got to go have lunch with him at school. They have a special lunch time for all of the students who are the "student of the month" and then during the students regular lunch time they get a longer recess. If you know Payton, you will not be surprised that he was very upset that he had to miss class time to go to a special lunch and then he had to miss lunch time to have a longer recess. The whole time I was at lunch with him he kept asking when he could go back to class. I told him he had to wait for the principal to come give him his treat. As soon as the principal came and gave him his special treat he took off running to his classroom. Silly boy! How long do you think this will last?! I'm hoping through college!


Brianne & Jarod said...

Way to go Payton!

Patty said...

We are so-o-o-o proud of Payton! He is such a good example for his brothers!