grandparent's day

Payton had Grandparents Day this past week and was lucky to have THREE grandparents come with him. Grandpa Kent, Grandma Patty and Great-Grandma Chesnut. I didn't get a picture of Grandma Patty and Great-Grandma Chesnut, but they were there. (You can actually see my mom in this picture. She spent the whole time chatting with Payton's teacher about how to make mashed potatoes or something. She wanted her picture taken with his teacher, but I forgot!) 

Grandpa Kent got to help Payton with a craft project. 

They also did a play for the grandparents, "Turkey's Best Thanksgiving."

Can you tell how thrilled he was? Love the rabbit fingers!

Payton's line was, "I have a curly tail, and I say OINK."

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Patty said...

Payton was so good in the play! I am so proud to be his grandma!