Christmas 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

Cooper's 1st Christmas.  I think he loves the new toy!

This is what Payton looked like after every present he opened.  Pretty excited!

Parker was also excited and a bit overwhelmed!

Check out Parker's new bat cave.  We love imaginext toys!

Cooper's finally ready to start enjoying the fun, but...

He was more interested in eating the paper than unwrapping the presents.

It was a "wicked" Christmas for me.  Tim surprised me (with some help from his  Dad) with Wicked tickets.  I was so surprised and so happy!  

Our Christmas was delayed until the snow plows made it up our street, but we finally got to my Grandparents to celebrate Christmas.

Parker, Grandma Patty and Payton

Sweetest moment of the day

Cowboy Payton

The Hulk Cowboy Parker

Cooper still just interested in eating the wrapping paper.

I made a tribute scrapbook for my Grandpa.  My family all wrote letters to my Grandpa and we compiled all of our pictures.  It turned out really neat.  I think he liked it!

Unwrapping Gifts at the Joneses.

Tim, Cooper and Brice

Payton, Tim and Krista at my parent's house.

Clint & Becca

Payton, Ashton & Parker

These ninja turtles sum up our Christmas pretty well, It was totally awesome, dude!


Angie said...

Looks like you had another great Christmas! Your family is so cute!

Camille said...

It is so hard to see your Grandpa like that. I wish I would have seen the book before you gave it to him...from what I could see it looked amazing.
I love the picture of Cooper's tongue out..eating the wrapping! Looks like a great Christmas.

The Palmers said...

I would so LOVE to go to wicked!