Christmas Eve

We had a pretty easy going Christmas Eve this year. Normally, we have a party with some of the Jones family friends, but they didn't have the party on Christmas Eve this year. So, we had our own party with Tim's Parents. We ate dinner and played a silly game that involved pushing people out of your way and a newspaper. It was a great way to get the boys wound up for Christmas!

After our little Jones party we went over to my grandparents for their traditional Christmas Eve spread. My Grandma always has lots of yummy appetizers and her homemade candy.  Can you tell by Tim's creepy face that we are having a great time?!  Weird!

My grandparents have had some extremely bad luck this past month.  Their beloved dog that they have had for years died earlier this month and the next day my Grandpa found out that he was dying of cancer.  Yes, extremely bad luck!  We bought my Grandma this puppy for Christmas hoping that it would help lift her spirits a little bit. 

The puppy loved licking the drool off of Cooper's face.  I guess this is officially Cooper's first french kiss!  

This holiday was bitter sweet for me.  My family spends so much of our Christmas with my grandparents and it was hard to imagine that this would be my last Christmas with my Grandpa.  I was even more grateful for family this year and treasured every moment we were able to spend together.  


Anonymous said...

That picture of Tim cracks me up! I love the new puppy. Oh..your sweet grandparents... :(

Anonymous said...

BTW...I think I like your bangs to the side the best. I know that is really delayed from about a week ago, but I love your hair in those pictures.

Michelle said...

I don't know what to say other than, you are right...treasured moments. The best kind.

The Jones' said...

So I have looked at your blog 2 times since you posted the Christmas pictures and have refrained from commenting on coopers toy....but I can't take it anymore! You look unsure of it and from the looks of it, so would I!! That could just be me being dirty though.....LOL!!