eight months old

Our little guy is now eight months old. He is turning into such a big boy. He is sitting so well now and is really, really, really wanting to crawl. He manages to get to anything he wants to by scooting and rolling. He jabbers all the time. He is still saying "da-da" a ton and makes crazy noises with his tongue.  He does all sorts of crazy things with his tongue. Who needs a binky when you can suck on your tongue? (yes, it's weird!) Here is what else Cooper's been up to this past month: 

Isn't he adorable? He actually looks small on this big bed!

He has the biggest smile

Check out his new tooth. He is working on another tooth right now. Don't you love the drool dripping off his chin? He's been slobbering all month long! 

I couldn't resist this precious little smile...

Cooper has so much fun playing with all of his toys. He loves to sit on the floor and play with toys. 

He loves playing with his brothers...

and beating them up! 

Cooper is the sweetest thing...even with his dripping drool!