'tis the season

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Deck the halls, christmas shopping and ROCK BAND! For some reason, it's always during this time of year that our band comes together again to make sweet music. This weekend was the reunion tour. It was beautiful! Thanks to the new and improved version of Rock Band that enables a band member to not fail, we even let the children join in. We rocked on until the morning hours. It was after 1:00 am. (Okay, I was in bed, but everybody else rocked on. Priorities people. I had to get up early to go running.) I expect to have many more rock band parties before the holiday season is over!

The band

Parker's got the rock star hair and moves!

Payton needed some fuel to keep rockin'

Payton & Erika on the drums

Parker & Grandma on the drums

Parker playing with his foot

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Patty said...

Love the ROCK BAND with our family! Thanks for letting us stay up past your bedtime!