vail vacation

*DISCLAIMER:  Pretty sure this is the longest post ever.  It took longer to write the post than the actual vacation.  It's for posterity, people!  You know you'll just scroll through the pictures anyway.  I'm pretty sure my sister is the ONLY person who will actually endure reading this (and that's if she even has the stamina!)*

January 20th - 25th 

Our family was lucky to take an amazing winter vacation. I certainly didn't realize how much I needed a vacation until we were actually on vacation. It was wonderful! This was one of the most fun, laid back (totally not my style), enjoyable vacations that I have been on.

This was my boys first time on an airplane, which was definitely a highlight of our trip. They were excited and a little nervous about flying. I was terrified about getting through security, dealing with luggage, handling the children (mostly the baby) on the plane, etc., etc. But, it was incredible. I was pleasantly surprised.  Here are the boys waiting patiently to board the plane.

As you can tell, Cooper was excited! He had his very own seat. Our plane was only half full, which I was so grateful for. The flight only took an hour and a half. It was perfect for our boys first flight.

Can you see the fear in Parker's face? He was very nervous once we started boarding. He didn't want us to let go of his hand. However, as soon as the plane took off and we were in the air, he couldn't believe that we were actually flying. It was no big deal. He didn't think it was scary at all. Payton was a little disappointed that it was so "boring." He was hoping it would feel more like a roller coaster.

We arrived in Denver on Tuesday evening and went straight to "Tim's Hotel." Tim was in Denver on business. We were there for pleasure. Tim's plan was to be in Denver all week working, while we were in Vail playing. On Wednesday morning he woke up early and went to work. We were stranded at the hotel without a car, but that didn't matter because we had a swimming pool and donuts for breakfast!

We played at the swimming pool on Wednesday morning (and every single day of our trip). After swimming, we went outside and enjoyed the INCREDIBLE 70 degree whether phenomenon that Denver was experiencing. We loved being out of the inversion and able to breathe. We played outside for a couple hours while we waited for my Sister, Erika. Erika & her husband, Brian, live in Vail so we planned this trip to come and visit them. She was nice to drive 2 hours to come and pick me and the boys up. We headed over to the Cherry Creek Shopping area for some food and shopping. Tim was done working by now so he met us for an early dinner. After dinner the boys & I headed up to Vail with Erika and Tim went back to his hotel. We stayed at Erika & Brian's home on Wednesday night. We watched a movie, ate popcorn and had fun being together! 

On Thursday morning we headed over to the Marriott Resort and Spa (where Erika and Brian work) to check into our hotel rooms.  We were so lucky that they hooked us up with amazing rooms for amazing prices.  We met Clint & Becca (my brother and his wife) at the hotel.  They also flew in from Salt Lake.  The trip was actually their idea and we decided to join them.  This is a picture of our room.  We also had a nice kitchenette.  Clint and Becca had a joining room.  The hotel was gorgeous.  We walked out of our hotel onto the ski resort, to restaurants, markets, shopping, anything you could want.  It was unbelievable!  Our favorite part was the hot chocolate and cookies they served everyday at 4:00 pm.  We didn't miss it!

We ate lunch at a yummy restaurant, we explored the resort, settled into our rooms and then it was time to eat again.  Eating was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.  Tim decided to make the two hour drive up to Vail to spend the night with us.  We were so happy he decided to join us.  We took the bus over to Vail Village and found a yummy mexican restaurant.  Here is the whole group (in two different shots so that we could include everyone).    

Tim and Brian felt bad that they weren't in both pictures and wanted their very own picture.  What nerds!

On Friday Becca and I played games with the kids, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves while everyone else was working or skiing.  Friday evening we were all together again for some more fun.  We went to Beaver Creek for dinner and ice skating.  The boys were excited to see this Volvo made out of Legos.  It was amazing!  

Brian, Parker and Erika ripping it up on their ice skates.  

Parker loved being dragged around by Erika.  He thought ice skating was great, unlike Payton & I who were struggling to stay on our feet!

The entire week Payton was begging to do ski school.  On Saturday Payton was finally able to do it.  Tim, Brian and Clint went skiing while Erika, Becca and I stayed with my little boys.  We watched Payton learn how to ski.  

Parker had no desire to learn how to ski.  He was just so happy to be along for the ride, enjoying his piece of gum!

Erika, Parker & I.

Payton really liked ski school and actually learned how to ski.  I take that back, he learned how to stop, which is the most important part of skiing!  The most exciting part for him though was his new goggles that we bought him.  He didn't want to take them off during lunch.

Becca & Parker (best friends forever).  Actually, I like to tease that Parker was supposed to be her child, but when Heavenly Father realized that her & Clint would not be procreating for some time, he decided he better send Parker to our family (just kidding...Parker is all mine!!).  Seriously though, Becca & Parker are two peas in a pod.  They are the same person just 20+ years apart in age.  It's fun to see how much they love each other!

After an exhausting day on the slopes (it's hard watching people ski).  We took the gondola up the mountain to eat dinner at a restaurant on top of the ski slope.  These are pictures of us all in the gondola.  Too bad you can't see how high up we were...scary!

Erika, Payton & Tim

Me, Becca, Parker & Clint

Tim & I 

Sweet Baby Cooper.  Best Baby Vactioner Ever!

Our family (with Cooper asleep in his stroller).

This is one of the MANY desserts I ate while on vacation!
Payton spent every day at the pool and loved it!

Cooper & Parker preferred the giant bath tub.

The three stooges showing off their manly chests and the awesome hotel robes!

All the fun we were having wore Parker out...

This was the view from our balcony.  Vail is gorgeous!

The last day we were there Brian took Payton skiing for his first time down the mountain!  Here is Payton waiting in line.  He seems to small to be doing this!!

This is Payton just coming down the hill.  Brian said he did awesome.  He took him on a regular hill (not a bunny hill).  He had to carry him a few times because it was too steep, but the rest of the time he did really well.  Payton had a great time! 

On our way home.  Cooper was such a Trooper the entire trip!

Parker was exhausted!

But was excited when he got to fly home on the plane.  He was not nervous at all this time!

Clint, Payton & Becca

Me & Parker

Cooper (sound asleep) & Tim 

We were so glad to be heading home, but felt lucky to have such an amazing vacation!


Andi said...

I read it all!!! What a fun vacation! Brice loved looking at all of the pictures of the boys! How fun for Payton to go skiing. Ashton really wants to learn how...maybe next year!

The Gibbys said...

I read it all too! It felt like a challenge after your comment at the beginning and I had to prove I could do it!

What a wonderful trip, it sounds like it was amazing!

Dartay said...

Wow! Such a fun vacation! I love that you guys got to eat tons of yummy food, my kind of vacation! Your boys are too stinkin' cute!!!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and great vacation! It looks like you had a wonderful time - priceless memories. The place Erica works looks beautiful. Fun Fun!

Reeses Pieces said...

It looks like the trip was amazing. I didn't know your sis lived there. How fun to live in a resort town. It's beautiful there.

Patty said...

WOW Brit! Thanks for all the pictures and the great commentary. You made me LAUGH and CRY! Sounds like everyone loved it - we are so glad Erika lives there and loves it! I'm excited to go there soon!