parker turns four...batman style!

Parker really wanted a Batman themed birthday party.  We sent his friends invitations to come dressed as their favorite super hero and help Batman find the cupcakes that the Joker stole.  Payton decided that he wanted to be the Joker.  Scary!  Here are all the little super heroes.

Here are the evil villains; the Scarecrow and the Joker

First, they all had to complete a super hero training course in order to become a certified super hero.

All the super heroes eagerly awaiting their turn.

This is one freaky dude!

After all the super heroes passed their training course they needed a break so Parker opened his presents.  He got some pretty fun gifts from his friends!

Once the presents were opened the super heroes were ready to find the cupcakes (notice they were on the table the whole time.  Gotta love four-year-olds.)  They had clues that eventually led them back to the cupcakes on the table where the evil Joker had left them.

After the cupcakes were found the super heroes got to eat them.  (My favorite part of this picture is that I caught Payton checking himself out in the mirror.  He carried that mirror around with him all day and was constantly checking himself out.)

I love how perfect the frosting looks thanks to my awesome cupcake frosting tool!

Once the kids sugar high peeked and prizes were awarded, we had to pull out our emergency DVD.  An old school episode of Batman & Robin.  It saved us for the last 10 minutes of the party!

Parker and his friends had such a fun time and Tim did a great job making these Gotham City decorations!

After Parker's friend party we had all of our family over for pizza, more cupcakes and ice cream. Parker was also showered with more presents!

We gave him this Batman scooter.  I think he likes it!  

I can't believe that my sweet little Parky is four-years-old.  Parker's little voice melts my heart.  He says the cutest and funniest things!  He is also so good at writing his name.  He loves to write his full name; Parker Timothy Jones.  He writes his letters so well.  We were all impressed with how quick he learned his letters and how legible his handwriting is.  He loves to practice writing and loves to do his homework every night with Payton.  He loves to do anything that his big brother is doing.  He also loves to squeeze and love his little brother.  He's lucky to have one brother to look up to and another brother to be an example to.  He fits so well right in the middle.  He is such an easy going child and is just happy to be here.  Right now he has a serious obsession with video games.  He wakes up in the morning talking about video games, he goes to bed asking about them, and tells me how he dreams about them while he's sleeping.  He is seriously obsessed and he's pretty good at them.  Unfortunately for him, I won't let him play video games all day long so he has to find other things to do.  Luckily, he has lots of friends he loves to play with!  I love my little Parker and feel so blessed to spend my days with this sweet little man!

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Alison said...

Really cool party but I really want to know about the frosting tool--seriously! They look so professional!