ten months old

Another month has come and gone. Seriously. I'm not going to say it, but you know exactly what I'm thinking. It's just not fair. This picture shows you what I do to Cooper all day long just hoping that maybe all my kisses will magically make him stay this size forever. Unfortunately, I don't think my plan is working! 

Cooper started crawling the beginning of last month. Now he loves to crawl EVERYWHERE. He can't be tamed!

Cooper went swimming for the first time and loved it!

He got his first ride in my Grandma Chesnut's tiny little wagon.  It's a hazing thing that all my boys have had to endure.  He endured it well.

Cooper also had his first plane ride, which he obviously enjoyed.

He also fell in love with his first stuffed animal.  I've had this in his crib since he was born (simply because it matched his bedding).  Recently, every time I go in to check on him he is sleeping with this stuffed animal.  So cute!

Cooper is still in his infant car seat, which he is too big for, but it's just too convenient for me.  He still sleeps in here and is always happy as can be.  Although lugging his 20 pound body around in this thing is not fun, I love that it's so easy to drag him everywhere with us!

Sweetest little baby in the world.  We can't get enough of this little guy!

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