valentine's day

This was a Valentine's Day that we will never forget. We started off at home with fun gifts for everyone in the family. I love holidays. I love preparing fun things for my family. I love celebrating with them. This holiday will go down in the history books as one of the most memorable Valentine's Day's our family has had. We spent the day at my Grandparent's home with my dying Grandpa. We knew it wouldn't be long before he left his earthly body and returned home. My entire family spent the day together. We spent time sitting with my Grandpa, holding his hand, talking to one another in his room. We also spent lots of time eating and enjoying each other's company. We played Scrabble and Phase 10. It was a bitter sweet day. It was amazing to be surrounded by family reflecting on my Grandpa's legacy, but it was hard to know that we would soon say goodbye. Just as we were preparing to leave around 9:00 pm that night, we went in to check on my Grandpa and he had just passed. No longer breathing. He moved on to bigger and better things. I'm so grateful that we were there. I'm grateful that my children were there. It was a touching experience to explain death to them. Parker kept saying, "Just wake him up." He also thought that maybe if we all screamed really loud that he would wake up. It's a hard thing for a 4-year-old to understand, but he was at peace with it. Payton chose to stay in the other room. It was easier for him to not see his Grandpa that way, which I was grateful for. It was beautiful to hear my children talk about death. They were constantly comforting me saying, "Mommy, it's okay, we're going to see Grandpa again someday." Somehow, I believe my innocent little children truly understand the eternal perspective better than I do. I have loved hearing them offer the most tender prayers on his behalf and on behalf of my Grandma. We ended our Valentine's Day saying goodbye to our sweet Grandpa. What a perfect holiday to spend being with the ones you love and losing someone who has given you so much love throughout the years!

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