happy birthday payton

Payton turned seven-years-old today.  He is an angel child.  He is so kind, responsible and has the sweetest heart.  There are so many things that I LOVE about Payton, but I will share just a few in honor of his birthday.  

He loves to play sports.  Currently, he is playing soccer and baseball.  He wishes he was playing basketball right now.  He got a basketball, basketball hoop, a Deron Williams Jersey and a Carlos Boozer Jersey for his birthday.  He would wear a jersey and gym shorts everyday if we let him.  He walks around with his Utah Jazz wrist bands on his arms all day asking about the status of the Jazz players (Do you really think Boozer is going to leave the team?)  He wakes up in the morning dribbling a basketball and goes to bed doing the same thing.  I love that he has found something he is passionate about!

I love how much he idolizes his Dad.  He thinks he is the coolest person in the world.  When Tim is around he just talks and talks his ears off about anything and everything.  He wants to be just like his Dad.  Although he idolizes his Dad, I love that he really is a Mama's boy.  He has to give me a big hug and kiss every morning before he goes to school and when he gets home from school.  I love that he always comes to me for comfort.  

I love that in spite of all his video gaming playing, he is a really smart kid.  I love that he never studies for his spelling tests (don't' tell) and still gets 100% every week.  I love that learning comes so easy for him.  I love that he will quickly finish his schoolwork so that he can spend his time drawing different sports teams logos.  I love that he is a great artist and is very creative!

Most of all, I love what a sweet boy he is.  He is sensitive, kind and compassionate.  He truly cares about others feelings.  He is always looking out for the interest of others.  He worry's about other people because he really cares about them.  Because of this quality, he is an ideal son, he is an amazing big brother (most of the time) and he is a great friend.  His  sensitivity and sweet nature is amazing for his young age.  I want to be more like Payton in this area.  I love that he is my son and that I can learn from him. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post. I feel the same way. He is a great kid and I love him to death!


Phipps Family said...

I agree Payton is wonderful! If it wasn't for him I probably would not make it through every Sunday. And I LOVE the picture of Cooper in his little hospital outfit.