my village

I've heard it said many times, "it takes a village to raise a child."   I was able to witness the magnitude of my own personal village this week.  I had a tiny, little, minor surgery (a couple of moles removed) and suddenly everyone from my village came offering their help.  When my doctor said that I would have to be down for a few days recovering I wondered how I could possibly take care of my three little kids.  Obviously, my husband could help, but he also had to work.  I didn't expect that I would need any help and was embarrassed that I was out of commission for such a silly little surgery.  

I was so impressed with how quickly I had food, child care, love and kindness from everyone in my village.  My friends and family went above and beyond what I would have ever expected from them.  My kids were sick this week and I had friends and family willing to risk their own health in order to help me out.  Busy friends driving MILES to bring me dinner and others coming from just around the corner.  Endless amounts of yummy treats.  (I'm pretty sure my friends are trying to fatten me up while I'm not working out for a couple of weeks.)  The simple yet amazing gestures that EVERYONE in my village has done for me has been absolutely overwhelming the past couple days.  I feel so undeserving, but I am beyond grateful for my village.



Reeses Pieces said...

That's how I felt last October when I lost Claire. Even you from miles and miles away helped to brighten my day. It's so nice to feel loved isn't it. So I've had many moles removed and been diagonosed with Mellanoma so you'll have to let me know what the results are.

Andi said...

I feel bad that I did not offer you any help, but I will probably be down on Friday if you need any help getting ready for Payton's party. Just let me know!! I am more than happy to help you get things ready!! or just take the boys so that you can get done whatever you need to!!

Anonymous said...

You are always there for others...so we are all glad to return the favor! Hope you start feeling better and have fun celebrating Payton's birthday today.