memorial day fun

We had a marathon day of fun on memorial day this year.  We started off the day with brunch at Tim's parent's home.  We celebrated Kent's birthday and mine.  I was just happy to be able to hold sweet little Gwyneth!

After we hung out for awhile, Andi & I took our kids to see this...

While the boys went and saw this...

After a fun morning with Tim's family, we headed over to my Grandma's for some more celebrating.  We celebrated mine, Clint's and Les's birthday.  

Party Animals!

Parker was ready to start opening presents.

It was so fun to have my sister, Erika, in town for our party.  We were lucky to spend lots of time with Erika and Brian while they were in town.  

After the parties, we decided we better observe Memorial Day so we went and visited my Grandpa Chesnut's grave...

AND my Grandma Bergstrom's grave.

It was a long, fun and exhausting day!

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Dani said...

Great vest! You can really wear the styles, britt!