girls weekend

I was able to have one of the best weekends with some of my favorite girls.  Michelle, Dani, Heidi, Camille & I all had a fabulous weekend together.  We started off the weekend by doing a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  

Heidi, Dani & Camille

After the salon we checked into our hotel.  We got freshened up and then went to an AMAZING dinner at Cucina Toscana.  Seriously, the best restaurant I've been to in Utah.  Our server was incredible, the food was amazing and the ambiance was just right.  Not too mention, having four of my best girlfriends for company was perfect!

After our incredible dinner we went back to our hotel and did crazy girl things like...


Then we laughed so hard about what we were doing...

We also tried on our new clothes that we purchased earlier in the day.  Pregnant brain, Dani, needed a t-shirt to wear so she grabbed this shirt from Nordstrom Rack.  When she tried it on at the hotel she realized that there was writing on the front AND the back (or so she claims).  We just think that she really is an "Original Gansta."

We all bought these cute dresses.  Actually, Dani bought two and made me buy one from her.  I'm a sucker!  Can't you tell how forceful she is?  She's even making me smile...

  Camille gave me this cute platter for my birthday.  (Today was also my birthday.)  Anyway, I was just displaying our delicious dessert that we had that evening.  

AFTER we tried on clothes, ate all our "dessert" and talked the night away we actually did go to sleep.  We woke up on Saturday morning and Camille & I did a short run up City Creek Canyon while the other girls worked out in the hotel gym.  After we got ready for the day, we said goodbye to Michelle who was needed at home and then went to Gourmandise for lunch.  

The food was delicious, but the desserts were INCREDIBLE.  See for yourself!

This porcupine looks so cute and tastes even better!

We finished off our weekend by shopping till we dropped.  We went to Gateway and shopped all afternoon until our feet hurt and we were so exhausted.  

I feel so blessed to have these incredible women in my life.  It was such a fun and relaxing weekend.  It was the perfect amount of time away from home.  It gave me just the boost I needed to be a better wife and mother.  I recommend everyone enjoy a girls weekend every once in awhile.  I'm already up for another one.  Thanks Ladies!


Dani said...

Don't you think "made you buy" is a little strong? I mean...it's not like I broke it down to the tax for you. Shopping was great, you are great company. Some of us shopped until we dropped just a wee bit sooner than others. Hee hee.

Good times. Can't wait to do it again.

Reeses Pieces said...

Are you kidding me....I'm so jealous. What is about all you Utah gals that make you so stinking beautiful. I'm proud to call you all friends. Wish I could've been there....at least I think I would have been on the invite list :)

Daily Jot & Tittle said...

cute girls! looks so fun!

The Palmers said...

That all looked so fun and yummy! It's so great to have friends like that to play with!