parker's last day of preschool

This little heartbreaker finished his last day of his first year of preschool (did you get that?).  One huge milestone accomplished and a million more to go. Parker is such a smart boy. He often lives in his brother's shadow, mostly by his own choice.  He idolizes Payton and wants to do everything he does. Because of this, sometimes, we tend to forget Parker's age. We are often reminding ourselves that he is only four-years-old. Parker has had such a wonderful preschool experience. 

He was in school with two of his best buddies; Kyle and Ryker.  They had so much fun being together.  Their teachers were constantly telling us what sweet boys they were.

The kids did a little program for the parents.  They sang some cute songs they learned!

Parker was lucky to have two AMAZING teachers; Mrs. Teresa and Mrs. Camille.  He learned so much this year.  He writes his name so well.  He knows all of his letters and most of the letter sounds.  He knows all of his addition facts up to 10 (which he actually learned at home).  He really likes to learn and  loves to read stories BY HIMSELF (just like Payton does).  He always comes and tells me that he finished his reading.  We are so glad that Parker enjoyed preschool so much and can't wait for another year!

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