last day of school

Payton is done with First Grade and is now moving on to Second Grade!  This is the towering stack of workbooks that he brought home the last day of school to prove that he worked hard this year.  Payton is a great student and has really loved school. 

Payton loved his classmates.  He got along well with everyone.  He was lucky to have such a great group of kids in his class.  As you can see, they were always having so much fun together.  

Payton also really liked his teacher; Mrs. Watson.  She was a really nice teacher.  She genuinely cared about each one of her students.  She really loved them.  Payton was sad when Mrs. Watson had her baby and had to be gone for the last six weeks of school.  He was happy that she came back to celebrate with them the last week of school.

Payton in his element.  He was enjoying a yummy treat during their class party.

Here is a silly picture I snapped of Payton while we were taking the class photo.  What a goof ball!
We played lots of fun games at the class party.  Here are the kids doing the Limbo!

The last day of school Chase & Bridger came home with Payton and they had a fun little after school party.  Now we are just excited to start celebrating summertime! 

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Erika Norton said...

Congrats Pay on riding a bike and finishing 1st grade!!! Don't grow up anymore while I'm gone ;) Love you!