riding a bike

Payton has not been interested in riding a bike. He has a razor and rides it all the time. He has never had a desire to have a bike or want to learn to ride one without training wheels. We live on a hill. There is nowhere flat around our house that he can ride a bike. It requires effort to take him somewhere to practice riding. Therefore, we haven't really ever encouraged bike riding.

Parker found the little toddler bike we have that already has the training wheels off and decided that he wanted to learn how to ride it. We started teaching Parker how to ride the bike. He was having so much fun (as long as we were holding on). Parker never actually learned how to ride the bike, but somebody else did.

Payton hopped on the bike and just took off.

Moral of the story: Wait until your child is seven-years-old to give them a bike!

Although Payton was not interested until he was seven, I'm afraid it's not always that easy. Parker is interested in learning how to ride. We'll be posting his progress shortly!


Andi said...

Ashton loves riding his bike with training wheels of course. He said that he wanted them off so he could ride without them. I took them off a few weeks ago and he has gotten on the bike once. The rainy weather doesn't help though!! Good Job Payton!!!

Phipps Family said...

Love all the pictures of Cooper. He is so dang cute. Love the pictures of Payton in his basketball outfit, very stylin. And at least seeing Payton on a bike gives me hope for Callie. Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear about it!