seattle - day four

Our last day in Seattle we did some more sight seeing. Tim really wanted to drive me to Bellevue across the floating bridge and the tunnel that goes underneath a neighborhood. It really was incredible. I could live there, if only it was sunny every day. We saw the temple, which is always awesome!
After exploring Washington, we headed back to the pier for some fish and chips.
We enjoyed some more of Pike's Place market, we walked along the pier and then we walked down to the Olympic Sculpture Park. We were in a goofy mood and were clearly not in tune with the art, but we had a great time with our own interpretations of the art.
And, it was fun just to stroll around, hand in hand (tender!)
Here I am enjoying the beautiful day
Look at that big boat (and all that hair in my face.) Nice picture, Babe!
What a perfect picture to end the trip with. This was the last sculpture we saw as we left the park. Do not even ask what Tim was doing in this picture (not to mention the statues)!
Okay, clearly we are not art connoisseurs, but we enjoyed a beautiful Seattle day before we headed back home!

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Angie said...

I love that you took a picture or yourselves holding hands! :) Classic!