seattle - day two

On Friday morning we woke up early and headed to downtown Seattle. Tim, being the hard worker and multi tasker that he is, just had a quick appointment to run to in the morning. It was located right by the Space Needle. We saw the Space Needle a number of times while we were in Seattle, but never had a strong desire to join all the other tourists and check it out. Maybe we're crazy?!
After Tim's (first) appointment, we headed over to Bainbridge Island by ferry with our car. We had never taken a car on a ferry before so it was a new and exciting experience for us.
The ferry ride is about 30 minutes so we went out on the deck to check things out. Riding the ferry brought back so many memories of our honeymoon. We stayed on Bainbridge Island and rode the ferry over to Seattle every day. Here's Tim on the deck looking smooth with the sun in his eyes and his Mountain Dew!
Don't you love the wind blown look? As you can tell, it was really windy on the front of the ferry!
This is Tim & I in our rental car, waiting to exit the ferry. We were just trying to perfect our "hold the camera up with one hand and take a picture of ourselves" shot. I think we're pretty good at it now!
After getting off the ferry we headed through the gorgeous streets of Bainbridge Island. Amazing!
Our first stop once we got to Bainbridge Island was the bed & breakfast we stayed at on our honeymoon. Tim thinks he's so cool!
Isn't it darling? We were sad that we couldn't stay here because it was already rented out for the week, but it was fun to stop by and visit.
Next, we went to lunch at Cafe Nola. It was a quaint little cafe just down the street from the pier. The weather was incredible so we ate out on the patio.
I was happy because I had the yummiest roasted vegetable sandwich. Is it wrong that food makes me so happy?!
After lunch, Tim had another appointment with a customer on Bainbridge Island. (How convenient!) It actually worked out perfect. I was able to walk around and check out all the darling shops and bakeries without feeling like I was dragging Tim along for the ride.
Everything about the island is dreamy!
We took the ferry back to Seattle where we spent the rest of the night, but not before we got another one of our "hold the camera up with one hand and take a picture of ourselves" shots!
We hung out at a really nice mall near our hotel. This is a picture of the family restroom in the mall. Wow! Along with visiting the nice restrooms, I was able to shop at H&M, which is always a favorite of mine.
We finished off the night by seeing the new Transformers movie (marriage is all about compromise)! Tim & I both really liked the first movie, but the second one was not near as good as the first. We were disappointed about the movie, but had a great time staying out late and not having to hurry back to get the kids!

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