annual backyard campout

We had our annual backyard camp out tonight. After a BBQ dinner we made smores...
Looks yummy, Parker!
It was a gorgeous night!
Of course, we played basketball (doesn't everyone do that when they camp?)
But, the boys had the most fun running around the tent...
look at that excitement...
okay, a little too excited...
After the excitement wore off, the boys watched a movie and then fell asleep. (This was definitely not staged!)
I was so disappointed (wink, wink) because I had to sleep inside with Cooper.
Cooper was disappointed, too. He loved the tent!
All the boys did great in the tent. Mr. Cooper woke up at 4:00 am with a fever (because of his immunization shots). Unfortunately, I picked the wrong place to sleep that night. Next time, I'll volunteer to sleep out in the tent!

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