date night

Tim & I had a fun night out with Brett & Camille. We decided to get out of the city and head to the mountains. We ventured up to Heber City where we ate dinner at the famous Chick's Cafe. I recommended this place because I had heard great things about it, but none of us were that impressed. Really nice service, but not great food. After dinner we went golfing at the Homestead.
One of Tim's more normal moments of the night.
Brett & Cam
Getting ready to drive that ball. I was happy that I played decent.
Tim & Brett putting out the vibe!
Tim & I
We finished after dark and this picture took way too long to get. I'm sure the cart boys were so happy waiting for us!
Besides being with Brett & Camille who we always have fun with, the highlight of the night was when Tim's button AND zipper broke on his shorts. Seriously, he couldn't even finish the last hole because he couldn't keep his shorts up. I'm sure Brett and Camille saw way more of Tim then they wanted too. I have a much better picture of Tim with his shorts around his ankles, but figured it was probably a little inappropriate to share with the cyber world.
We topped the night off by getting milkshakes at the Dairy Keen. It was an awesome date night with awesome friends!


Anonymous said...

That picture does not do justice to the shape my shorts were in!

Anonymous said...

That was so fun...and you are so up to date! Can you tell I'm a little jealous.
What a fun night out...we always have so much fun with you guys.

Andi said...

So, does Tim need new shorts for his birthday!?! Really though, I could use some ideas...although I don't have a store to go shopping at anyway so I don't know why I am asking!!! Cute posts....thanks for not making any comments about me on the beach!!! We had a lot of fun with you and the boys last week. Thanks for calling us!

Andi said...

Oh, and I love google reader!!!

Erika Norton said...

What is Dairy Keen?

Reeses Pieces said...

Fun, just like you guys were back in high school again. I think it's great that the four of you remain so close.