day at the museum

We went on an adventure downtown to see the Utah Natural History Museum. Andrea, Ashton and Brice came with us. The boys were looking forward to seeing the monkey, the guy on the horse, the little cowboy, a huge dinosaur and the statue that says, "dum-dum."

To make things more exciting we decided to take Traxx.
It was a little more difficult with a baby in a stroller, but he enjoyed it!
They have a "toadally" awesome exhibit right now with lots of frogs.
Brice & Andi having fun!
Our little witches...
The kids loved this aquarium that you could stand in the middle of so that it looked like you were in the aquarium.
They also loved climbing on this frog.
AND they loved the dinosaur that eats coins!
They were so excited when we finally saw some dinosaurs, but were bummed that there wasn't one as big as the one on the movie.
They were a little disappointed that our museum didn't have all the things that the "Night at the Museum" movie has, but they had a great time exploring. Parker asked if he could stay until nighttime when they all come to life. I'm pretty sure he thinks that they actually do come to life at night!
Luckily, I had some licorice in my purse because the kids were all pretty tired and hungry by the time we were done!

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Patty said...

Cool Britt! How fun was this activity!