independence day

We celebrated our independence by having a good ole' American barbecue. My family came over to our house for food and fun!
We were so happy that Erika & Brian came in town for the holiday.
Cooper was loving the cupcakes...
and Parker was loving the corn on the cob!
After we ate, it was time for Bocce Ball (what is Tim doing?)

I'm not even sure what to say about this picture?!
Payton took the game very seriously. Look at those muscles! (Yes, we feed him.)
The games were pretty intense. Here they are measuring to see who's closest..seriously?!
After Bocce Ball, we pulled out the slip-n-slide.

Tim couldn't resist and went down the slide in his clothes.
He also threw Cooper down the slip-n-slide (many times)...
He LOVED it and kept coming back for more!
Payton and Parker were also loving it.
Sweet action shot of Tim.
Tim changed and put on his swim suit, but not before he shaved a weird pac man smiley face in his chest hair...gotta love it!
After a fun day playing outside, we spent the night doing fireworks with our neighbors.
Tim and I wanted to make sure we still had the "hold the camera with one hand while we take a picture of ourselves" shots in us...we do!
My parents stayed until after midnight playing games with Tim & I.


Angie said...

Wow, so impresssed that Coopers likes the slip n' slide. I can't get my 3 year old to go down it. :)

Patty said...

Yes, we DID have a good ole' American Barbecue with great food (thanks Brit), good games (thanks Brian), fun entertainment (kids and Tim were out of control on the slip-n-slide), and to end with COOL games! It was a FUN 4th of July!