oquirrh mountain temple service

Tim and I were lucky to be able to volunteer at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. Everyone in our Stake was allowed a couple of opportunities to volunteer. Unfortunately, our first assignment was canceled so we only got this one opportunity. It was a great experience. I feel so blessed to have a temple in our area.
We got to be parking attendants and wear these awesome neon vests.

This was my post!
I got to look at this empty parking lot for most of my shift. My job was super easy since the lot I was assigned to was overflow ADA parking with not much overflow happening. I had a nice time chatting with people as they headed in and out of the temple. I was definitely grateful for the opportunity to serve in anyway that I could!

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Patty said...

How cool is this! How lucky you and Tim were! Thanks for the pictures.