summer fun

We have had such a fun summer. I'm sad that it's coming to an end. I wanted to cram as much fun into our summertime as possible, but I also thrive on routine and structure. Each week during the summer we had a library & read-a-thon day. We went to the library and checked out books then came home and had a read-a-thon complete with pillows, blankets (and most importantly) snacks!

We also did our morning exercise a couple times a week. We went to the park and I ran with Cooper in the stroller while Payton & Parker ran or rode their bikes. The boys loved doing pull ups on the monkey bars, sit-ups and push-ups. They also loved going down the slides a few times. (Please excuse Parker's face that is all tatted up with stamps in this picture. He thought it looked cool!)

Besides exercising and reading, we did plenty of playing. We had weekly (and sometimes twice a week) play dates with friends. We loved playing at friends houses, the new reservoir, the splash park and the park.

We also went swimming once a week. We were lucky to be joined by my Mom & Krista for one of our swimming outings.

We enjoyed many BBQ's in the backyard. The Siebenberg's joined us for one of our BBQ's. The kids loved watching a movie in the tent. The boys loved sleeping out in the tent and have wanted to do it every weekend.

It has been such an incredible summer! I love having all three of my boys home with me all day long. I love spending time with them and having fun. I love summer fun!


Reeses Pieces said...

What resevouir is that?

What a fun idea to have camping night. You guys all look great.

Angie said...

Wow! What fun you have been having. I love your idea of reading and exercising besides all the fun. Sounds like you've been busy!

Camille said...

Oh crap! Now I have more pictures to blog! :) Just kidding.