tim's birthday

Our main man had a birthday. We celebrated with a couple different parties. The Sunday before Tim's birthday we had a party with his family. Tim had lots of help opening presents, blowing out candles and reading his cards!
It was a pretty mellow party. This is about as exciting as it got...just the way Tim likes it!
Look at this party animal. Isn't baby Gygi adorable?
On Tim's birthday we had another party with my family.
The boys were so excited to give him their presents (except Cooper who was mostly wondering what I was doing with the camera).
When we went to the store to pick out Tim's presents I told the boys to think of things that Daddy likes. Cooper gave him Chocolate Chex Bars, Parker gave him peanut M&M's and Payton gave him Vault. Do you think Tim likes to eat?!
It's a good thing Tim likes to eat because I made him some Aunt Annie cupcakes. Tim's mom makes a Caramel Annie cake that everyone loves. Well, Tim is a chocolate lover so we substituted the caramel with chocolate. Apparently, Tim named this dessert Aunt Annie. I'm not sure why. Wouldn't it just be Chocolate Annie?!
Aunt Annie, Chocolate Annie, Who cares...they were yummy!
Along with Tim's favorite foods, we gave Tim a Bocce Ball set. Here are the guys being serious about the game.
And the girls having fun watching.
How sweet! My Grandma forcing a hug out of Payton...he can't be too old for that yet, can he?
Of course Cooper made his way into one of the chairs.
Payton LOVES this game and does take it very serious!
Earlier in the day we had gone to the 24th of July Parade Preview. They had face painting there, but the line was way too long. I told the boys that I would paint their faces when we got home. They didn't forget and at they end of the night we were painting faces. Parker wanted to be an Indian and Payton wanted "Cavaliers", "Jazz" and "NBA" written on his face.

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We are the worst friends....when are we going to go out for Tim's bday?