st. george

I am always anxious with anticipation for a family vacation. Normally, my anticipation is filled with excitement, but this time the anticipation for our vacation was bitter sweet. I was excited to be getting away for a long weekend with my family. I was even more excited because our friends, the Siebenbergs, were joining us. However, there was this one little reason we were going to St. George that I was not necessarily excited about...the marathon!

The first couple days in St. George I tried to hide my nervousness. I was having a great time with my family. I loved eating at In & Out, watching my kids play at the playground, shopping, swimming, and staying up late to play card games with Brett & Camille. But, I was definitely nervous about, what I considered to be, my pending doom.

Much to my surprise, as soon as we went to the expo to pick up my race packet, the less nervous I became. I was actually getting really excited! Excited to see these darling signs my cute kids and friends made for me. Excited to see all the other runners picking up their race packets. Excited for the energy that a marathon brings. Excited to get this race (that had been ruling my life for the past 4 months) over with!

Finally, on Saturday morning the excitement and nervousness collided together and I set off on my 26.2 mile journey. Here is the only picture Tim was able to snap of me at mile 21 and the only emotion I had was pure excitement. I was having the time of my life!

I did it and I had so much fun!

I was so happy to have all my handsome boys cheering me on. I felt like they needed the popsicles (that they hand out to runners after you cross the finish line) more than I did! They've been so patient with me the last 4 months and they had to be patient for 4 hours waiting for me to finish the race. They are such a great support and motivation for me.

I felt so lucky to not only have my family there, but great friends cheering me on!

These girls are some of my best friends; Camille & Heidi. Heidi's husband, Cory, also ran the marathon. It was so fun to see her there.

(Funny sidenote: I didn't even notice my ridiculous husband until Camille pointed it out.)

Look at all this chaos...the energy was amazing!

The rest of the weekend was pure enjoyment. We had so much fun soaking up the last of the summer sun. The kids (BIG & small) loved the pool.

Cooper loved the water and thought that he could swim. He definitely can't, but he tried over and over and over and over again!

We had so much fun with the Siebs. Our kids got along so well with each other. The candy bar game was a highlight for the kids (except for one of the kids coughpaytoncough who didn't get the candy they wanted)!

Payton loved having a bedroom with his very own tv. He loved laying in bed and watching movies. I didn't get many pictures of Parker. I didn't see him much. He was busy the whole time being Makenna's shadow. He loved following her around and doing everything she wanted to do, eat, play, say, watch, etc. They were a perfect match for each other!

Cooper and Sam also loved watching movies in the bedroom. This was the first time Cooper had ever sat still this long to watch tv.

Aren't they just the cutest little kids?

After we put the kids to bed every night we stayed up playing card games. It brought us back to the days before we had kids and we used to stay up late every single weekend with the Siebenbergs!

It was also conference weekend so we attempted to watch conference and have the kids do some fun conference activities. I probably don't have to tell you that this only lasted for about 15 minutes before the kids were out of control. Tim & I have already promised each other that we will never go out of town for conference weekend again. We're still trying to catch up on 16 hours of conference talks!

Here is the whole gang posing in the condo. The condo we rented was awesome! It was plenty of room for all nine of us. We loved every minute of our little getaway and were sad it had to come to an end. As our lives get busier and more chaotic with the many things we have going on, it's these moments, these friends, these simple things we do to enjoy ourselves that makes life so much fun!


Anonymous said...

I had all these strange links to my blog from your blog and now I know why...thanks for the link! :) However, I'm very upset with you. When I asked you to send me pictures of St. George, WHY didn't you send me the one of you running! Hello! That was the whole reason we were down there and now I have to edit a page to include it somehow. Big trouble, girl....big trouble!
In all seriousness...THANK YOU. We had so much fun & glad it was such a great trip for everyone! It was so carefree for most of us, but I'm glad it became carefree for you too. You did awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way...I didn't notice Tim at first either. We should have known...he does that all the time!
Love you guys.

Annie said...

I am so proud of you! I can't believe you did a whole marathon! Good Job! You are awesome!

Reeses Pieces said...

Fun~Looks like a great weekend. I can't believe how big Parker is getting. I love the pic of Tim behind you, Camille, and Heidi. It's great to see a pic of Heidi. Tell her to start a blog :) Seems like running is definitely your thing and you look great doing it.

Alison said...

Wow I am amazed! Good job! Your boys get cuter every time I see them!