baby love

My first born is seven going on eight years old. Since that time, I've had two additional babies. Tim's side of the family has been great at producing cousins, but my side of the family, not so much. I've waited a long time to have one of my siblings experience the joy of procreation. Finally, after patiently (okay maybe not so much) waiting, my sister and brother both welcomed their first born child into the world this past week.

Harper Jean Norton
6 lbs 13 oz
20 inches long
Friday, November 13th
Proud Parents Brian & Erika Norton

My sister lives in Vail, CO and since I do have three children, it's not so easy to just drop everything and go visit her. It was excruciating to not be there with her. I love staring at pictures of Harper and can't wait to meet her in just a few weeks. I can be patient for a little bit longer. Tim was working in Denver this past week and was able to go visit them. I was so comforted knowing that he was taking them dinner and giving them a hand delivered care package.

Six days later we welcomed another baby into our family...

Sophia Rae Bergstrom
8 lbs
21 inches
Thursday, November 19th
Proud Parents Clint & Becca Bergstrom

Luckily, Sophia lives near and I've already been able to love on her. She is delicious. If it wasn't illegal, I would have run out of the hospital with her.

I love these babies so much!

There is nothing better than a brand new baby. There is nothing better than the feelings that overcome you in the hours and days after the birth of a child; your child. I love hearing every detail of the birth. I love talking to my sister and brother and hearing their feelings and emotions. I love remembering my own first born and his birth. I love being able to experience all the emotions with them. I'm not sure what's with all the nostalgia lately, but I love that too!

In honor of my siblings new babies (and to indulge myself) here are some pictures of my first born.

hours old

2 days old

2 weeks old

6 weeks old

2 months old
I did not style his hair that way...it was out of control and was not manageable.

It was manageable once it got longer, but it looked like a bad wig.

6 months old

9 months old
Payton & Sydni McAllister

Payton at 1-year-old saying, "I don't know"

14 months old
Clint & Becca's Wedding

16 months old
Already loving sports

18 months old
Payton & Jaxson Chilcote

2 years old
Payton with his first cousin, Ashton

Thanks for letting me indulge. I seriously can't believe where the time has gone. I've had three babies. My youngest baby is on his way to becoming a man and I just want it to stop. However, it's remarkable how amazing every single stage of a baby, toddler and child's life is. I'm constantly in awe and wonder of how my little first born has turned into this:

Okay, you get my point...enjoy those sweet little babies while they last!


Erika Norton said...

It has been so fun to talk to you every day and ask you a million questions.. and I love the video chat! I love that I have someone to call that's been there and through the same things and to tell me I'm not "crazy" at times. Wish we were closer but can't wait to spend time together over Christmas and Harper can't wait to her Aunt and cousins. Payton was (and is) so cute!!! I loved his "I don't know" and saying the pledge of allegiance at like 9 months (prob not that early but it seems like it).. and seriously where did they get all their hair!!! Love those boys and miss them especially seeing Cooper talking now and growing up so fast. Love you guys and miss you... counting down the days!!!

Tam said...

Cute Pics!

Jenn said...

Love the pictures. I know what you mean. My oldest is almost a young women? The post about Clint and Beccas baby was great. I didn't hear about theirs. Let them know I LOVE the name, it was almost Morgans(exact same everything).

Andi said...

Cute little girls!!! Ashton really looked like an old man when he was a baby!!!

Patty said...

OK Brit, your post was not fair . . . I haven't stop crying! You're right, all those wonderful emotions come out! I am so happy to have two new, little darling granddaughters. And to think, just 31 years ago, YOU were my first new little newborn! AND Erika was my last new little daughter! LIFE is GOOD and we are so blessed! Love Payton's pictures, how FUN! "We have lots of Gooboys and Bigirls!" Dad's comments. . . . !

Dani said...

How cute is this post?! Congratulations- you will be a great aunt!

I cannot believe I was looking at Payton at 2 months old! You were right...he could be Preston's twin! There hair is identical! I love the picture with Jackson too. When was that taken?

Thanks for sharing. Hope you are well.

Phipps Family said...

I cannot believe those pictures of Payton! Skinny skinny Payton! I miss that kid and him making me laugh while I am supposed to be the serious spiritual primary teacher.
Love the pictures!

Reeses Pieces said...

Isn't it so fun to have nieces and nephews from your blood siblings. I love watching my brother and sisters parent. It's almost entertaining to see all of our difference. I love both of their names. Congrats to Clint and Erika!

Brianne & Jarod said...

Ok...seriously...Jacob could be one of your babies! They look so much alike in their baby pictures.