johnnie connie

Last weekend, I was with three of my best friends driving down Walker Lane at 10:30 pm on a Friday night. The circumstances were familiar. This was something we had done together many, many, too many times before. However, this time it was different.

Instead of driving in my green Dodge Neon with my CD player (with a detachable face) blasting while we sang along to tunes like; Glycerine or Ride that Choo Choo or Kiss Me with Your Mouth; we were driving in a Suburban filled with car seats, sippy cups and an ipod that was turned off.

Instead of screaming to the lyrics of a song, we were enjoying talking and laughing with each other. We had so much to talk about that we didn't have time to sing along to the music.

Last weekend, as I sat in the car with Michelle, Camille & Heidi I realized that it had been over 12 years since we made this drive together. So many feelings came rushing back to me.

For a moment, I felt young. For a moment, I felt the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. For a moment, I was not a mother. For a moment, I was a carefree girl out for the night with her friends. For just one tiny moment in time, I was the old me. The old me that used to be so carefree.

In this moment, I thought about the difference that 12 years has made. The last time we did this drive together we were young and so, so, so carefree. In fact, we were so carefree that this was the only thing we had to do on a Friday night. Cruise Walker Lane and visit our good friend; Johnnie Connie.

We were so carefree that we befriended this statue and gave him an entire family (Bonnie, Lonnie, Ronnie, Connie and, my personal favorite, the exchange student; Franschwany.) We spent much time talking about our great friends the Connies. Everyone that knew us, knew them. We visited Johnnie often and left him many presents (like the one in the picture above).

We built this fictitious family because it was fun. We had nothing better to do. We all had jobs, school, boyfriends and responsibilities, but for the most part, our lives were carefree. It was a fun way to escape our daily realities.

Now, 12 years later, we are raising our own families. We're not spending our time visiting little jockey statues and making up entire families. We're telling silly stories to our own little people in our own homes. We still have jobs, but they are much different. We still have school, but it's for our children not ourselves. Our boyfriends are now our husbands. Our responsibilities are no longer small, but much greater than they used to be.

We still find ways to escape reality. Last weekend, this was the perfect reality check for me. After a long week with a sick baby, a husband out of town, a friend moving away, adjusting to new routines, and feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. I was able to escape reality for just a moment. I was able to join the land of the Connies. I was able to remember the feeling of being so carefree.

As I drove up the hill to my home at 11:30 pm on a Friday night, I realized that I love the new me just as much as the old me. I've been blessed with the most amazing life. This past weekend was a great reminder of why It's so good to revisit the old in order to appreciate the new.

As much as I loved the Connies, I wouldn't trade my Tim, Payton, Parker or Cooper for a Johnnie, Connie, Ronnie or even Franschwany ever!


Camille said...

I think Franschwany is my favorite! :) Well said. There is a certain joy about remembering the 'old days' and I think the same...it makes you appreciate all the things that make you who you are. You are a wonderful mom with a great family (because of all the work you do). So glad we are all still friends. Love you.

Michelle said...

Love this post. So fun and funny too. Right after I read this, I got on ITunes and bought "Kiss Me" so that the next time we are driving around in the Burb, we can rock. I love you ladies, and will forever wonder at why y'all let some random redhead from Park City join your super cool group. I can't imagine my life with out you girls. Thanks for writing down some of the ways I was feeling. I wouldn't trade the old times for current times, but would never dream of forgetting them either!!!! Love ya, can't wait till our next "carefree" lunch/dinner.

Heidi said...

Britt...you should be writing for some paper in New York! This post made me laugh so hard and as I read I was reminded of even more hillarious memories with you girls. It really is fun to escape back to the OLD days every once in awhile...but life is good and even better, just in a different way! You girls have kept me laughing and smiling for many years and I am grateful for every minute I spend with each of you!

Sarah D said...

This was a great post Brit; I can’t stop laughing about Jonnie Connie and the many decorations that were given to him over those months. Thank you for the memory lane moment. This is Stephen D by the way.

Reeses Pieces said...

I wasn't part of those "Connie" memories, I was off rebelling somehow...whole other story. But I totally agree with this post. I admire all of you girls for staying such close friends. I think it's hard enough to keep up with my family and Ward family. Isn't it sad how times have changed. Look at the innocent fun you guys were having and now days (only 12 years later) kids would rather stay home and stare at their cell phones than have good old innnocent fun. Even though there was some weird drama our senior year (don't even remember) I know I was super jealous and maybe still am jealous of the amazing girls you all have become. I still consider you all even though I don't see you often, very dear friends.

Andi said...

Love the post!!! I just wanted to tell you that we will probably be in town next week...either Tuesday or Wednesday. I am working now...so it depends on if I have to watch Emma on Tuesday or not. Oh, I watch a little girl...it is suppose to be a few days a week, but this week I have her everyday. Next week I don't know if I am watching her on Monday and/or Tuesday yet. See you next week!!!

Brianne & Jarod said...

What a great post Brittany! It made me think of all the great times and inside jokes that I had with friends growing up! Those were good times, and life is soooo much different but very blessed indeed!

p.s. I was just wondering how much you would charge to be my fashion consultant! Seriously you look incredible in every picture on your stinkin' blog, and I only wish that I had half the style that you do as a mommy of 3 boys! (and don't even get me started on how jealous I am that you can rock the winter clothes...how I miss you sweaters!!) I am sure that there are YW in your ward that think to themselves, "I am going to be a mom like that some day!" *sigh* I think I am a lost cause!