what are YOU thankful for?

If you haven't seen this video already, you must.
This message is beautiful!

Payton is THANKFUL for...
macaroni & cheese
that we're not naked our whole lives
Utah Utes
football & soccer & basketball (okay, all sports)
Mom & Dad
my brothers
reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid
all toys & legos
my friends
food (except for enchiladas)
my thanksgiving & Utah Utes place mats

Parker is THANKFUL for...
Mom & Dad
his head
all sports
my legos
lots & lots of friends
Payton & Cooper
my place mats I made all by myself

Cooper is THANKFUL for...
big brothers
bears & monsters


Anonymous said...

I love the lists from your boys. They are going to love having that in 10 years, or maybe even next year. Fun memory. I love the video...thanks for sharing.

Brianne-zam said...

love the video, thanks for sharing. i have to say i agree with parker, not having to be naked our whole lives is a blessing:-). thanks for the congrats and to give you hope. i do have to say that one of the first people i thought of after i found out we were having a girl was you. i truly thought you would be one of the few people that could truly appreciate the news! miss you!

Jay and Bec said...

Cute. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

Jenbug said...

I too enjoyed Parker's placemats. Very cute lists.