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The month of December is filled with parties. We averaged at least two parties a week. I love going to parties, I love hosting parties, I love celebrating the season with family and friends. Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures at many of our parties. In addition to the parties that I've documented below we had a Bergstrom family party, a friend party, a ward party, school parties, the cliche party (Tim's families friends) and I'm sure more that I'm leaving out. In any case, we enjoyed them all the same!

Jones Family Christmas Party

December 12, 2009

The party was in Brigham City this year at "The Lodge."
Cooper had a nice nap during our long drive to the party.

We love spending time with family. Here's sweet Gygi.
Don't you love those big eyes?

We had a fabulous lunch.
I was eating the raspberry butter as if it were ice cream...yummy!

Me and my sweet boys...

The "Awkward Lean Picture" by Jenny, Eric & Gygi

We had a special visit from Santa (as we do every year).
Eme did not love Santa, but I think Brady looks happy?!

Gygi was in awe...

I think Mrs. Clause should know that Santa was totally hitting on Tim's Aunt Marge!

Parker endured the torture well...

Payton was also a great sport...

Cooper wasn't too scared and did a great job sitting on Santa's lap...

Here's the whole gang.
We always love spending time with the Jones family. The ladies exchanged "Make 'n Takes (or Buy 'n Brings)" as we do every year. I always love seeing the darling things these women come up with.

Christmas Party with Siebenbergs
December 14, 2009

We get together every year with the Siebs and exchange Christmas presents. This year we had them over to our house for some yummy food and wrestling. Seriously, Brett gets a little crazy with all the boys at our house. I'm pretty sure he started this wrestling match. Makenna & Sam loved that we had a little baby at our house. I love that my boys refer to Makenna & Sam as their cousins...so cute!
The Siebenbergs are family to us and we're so lucky to be such great friends with them.

"Favorite Things"
Friends Party
December 15, 2009

I am so lucky to STILL be friends with these ladies after many years. I love getting together for birthday's and for our annual "favorite things" gift exchange. We each bring a $5 gift that represents one of our favorite things. I always love seeing what everyone brings. Inevitably, their favorite things always become one of my favorite things. However, my most favorite thing about this annual event is just being together. I am always inspired and feel more capable to be a better wife, mom and individual!

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