ready for baby?

After my last post, I know I'm going to get a million questions so let me just answer this for everyone. Are we ready for another baby? Why don't you LOOK at these pictures and decide.

Don't we LOOK ready?

As you can tell, we LOOK good with a newborn baby at our house. We LOOK even better with a newborn baby GIRL! I mean, I LOOK at these pictures and think that we are sooo ready for another one of these at our house and in our lives. I am so in love with newborns. The answer is YES, from the LOOK of things, we are ready! But the reality is that we are SO NOT ready yet.

This week with a newborn was dreamy, but I wasn't getting up every three hours at night to feed her. I could hand her off to her mother whenever I needed to get something done. I wasn't sleep deprived. I didn't feel chaotic. MOST IMPORTANTLY, I didn't have to endure 8 months of a miserable pregnancy (as mine have all been so far). As much as we (me & the little boys...Tim's not convinced yet) want another one of these babies RIGHT NOW, it's just not time yet. However, I can't wait (again, just me, not Tim) to enjoy another little newborn in our home again someday...soon?!

(**Don't tell Tim, but I really think he secretly can't wait either.
He'll never admit it, but I know it's true.


Anonymous said...

Totally ready. Thanks for all your cute comments. I'm the same...I love that I read and look at EVERY post from everyone I know, but I don't comment as much. You can totally steal my page and post it. Or I can even send you the photoshop and you can make whatever changes you want.

Brianne-zam said...

Lovin' it Brittany. I feel the same way except with one huge exception, I have 2 1/2 months to really be ready for another one. It is fun to think that it is going to be a girl, although that concept still seems so strange to me. I'm still not totally convinced from the ultrasound. Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday.
Love, Briana