erika and harper visit


Erika arrived at Salt Lake International and waited for Tim to arrive on his flight home from New Jersey. It was like Christmas for me. I had my husband home after being gone from a week long trip and Erika and Harper were coming to stay for a week. You couldn't even contain my excitement if you wanted to!

Parker was the only one who waited up for them to arrive (it was after 10:00 pm). He was so excited to hold baby Harper. She looks pretty excited too!


We had to wake up early to go to our Jones Family Christmas Party. Erika and Harper stayed with my parents and spent the day together. We only shared them a little bit though. After the party, we picked up our house guests and brought them back home with us. All of my family came over to our house and we basically just passed around Harper and Sophia (my other new niece) all night long.

All the "Bergstrom" grandchildren.

This was a baby swap. Erika & Becca were holding each others babies.


I got to take my new baby to church. Yes, by today I was already considering Harper my baby and didn't know how I was ever going to let this girl leave our home. I was addicted and so were my boys.

I could get used to this!


Our Bed & Breakfast would not be complete without a spa treatment. We spent all day at the salon (okay, my friends basement), but the end result was the same...new, fabulous hair for Erika.

Monday night the Siebenbergs came over for our annual Christmas celebration. Makenna & Samantha loved baby Harper as much as we did.


All the girls in my family (except my Mom who was at work) went over to my Grandma's house to make candy. In addition to making and eating candy all day, we had In & Out for lunch. It doesn't get any better than that. After a long day at my Grandma's we went over to my parents house. I left Erika and Harper at my parents house again and went to Market Street with my friends for our annual "Favorite Things" dinner.


FINALLY, we had a day to just hang out and relax. We did a little bit of shopping, but after a couple hours at Target we were burned out. We came back home, napped, cleaned up and chatted all afternoon.

Clint & Becca came over for dinner so we got to enjoy both babies again. There is nothing better than endless baby love! My boys absolutely LOVED holding these babies.


Parker went to a friends house, Cooper went to my Grandma's and just us girls (Erika, Harper & I) went SHOPPING. I had to finish up the last of my Grandma's Christmas shopping and a few other things on my list. I'm happy to say that after shopping all day we got it done!

We got home from shopping and quickly got ready. I dragged Erika along with me to another dinner with friends. It was so good for her to talk to other Mom's and not feel so crazy anymore. It was fun to dress up and get out of the house.

One of the highlights of the week was bathing baby Harper. There is nothing better than a freshly bathed babe...yummy! Erika couldn't believe that I could do it ALL BY MYSELF. By the end of the week, she was doing it all by herself. I was so proud!


We just hung out, did laundry and had no plans today. This week went by way too fast and I had a pit in my stomach all day thinking about Erika & Harper leaving. It was nice to take things easy today and relax. Brian drove from Colorado and came by to take his girls back. They weren't going home, but they would be spending the rest of their time in town at my parent's house. I totally understand, we have to share them, but I didn't want to.

We finally allowed Cooper to hold Harper the last day. He was so cute! I was impressed with how well Cooper did all week with Harper. He normally gets so mad when Payton, Parker or Tim even touches me or gets near me. He is extremely jealous of anyone else getting close to his Mommy. However, he never once complained about Baby Harper. So sweet!

We sure are going to miss this baby girl (and her mommy) at our house, but we're so glad that they spent the week with us. It was the best Christmas present ever!


Anonymous said...

What a fun party you guys had! Harper is the most stylin' little girl. I love her cute car seat and all the great accessories! So glad she has a great big sister to learn so much from.

Reeses Pieces said...

Brittany from the sounds of it...you'd better keep trying for a girl :)